Leadership Coaching is part of a global 'leadership industry' that costs clients $300 billion a year, of which 80% of the value disappears through never being used.

Executive Leadership Mentoring is in contrast the most critical professional service relied on by high functioning personnel in every enterprise. But when training organisations put profit before their clients' personal development needs, no one really benefits. We can prevent this massive waste of your investment by changing the whole basis for engagement, to being totally people focused. Our results have been profound in changing lives.

Whether reaching for the career stars, shouldering huge responsibility for everyone’s performance or confronting the challenges of personal growth, you can’t extend by much the reach of your leadership by working alone. Your ship is on a voyage and, as Captain, you need a navigator’s input to avoid the shoals.

Leadership Mentoring ensures that the most valuable personnel are not held back or derailed by the personal blockages that can damage relationships and impact the enterprise’s economic wellbeing. Blockages are part of the personal journey. They are encountered more often as people rise in authority and responsibility, and enter unfamiliar territory where the deeper currents of their unexplored selves flow. New growth always challenges old certainties and assumptions, and there is no good reason for travelling without an experienced Leadership Coach who has personally been all over that territory.

An Executive Leadership Mentor is more of an optometrist than a psychologist and helps clients to see the world more clearly and identify the complex leadership journey ahead. Leadership cannot be taught in a classroom, or learned from a book. It can only be acquired at great risk and pain in the crucible of life. Because every leadership challenge is unique, it calls on the inner qualities of the leader. And it is those inner qualities that Postformal Leadership is designed to develop.