“Leadership cannot be taught in a classroom, it can only be learned in the crucible of life.” - Drew Hanson, Forbes.

Our world faces possibly the greatest challenges to survival since the last Ice Age.

Our success, as individuals, as communities, and as a species, depends entirely on a new approach to Leadership. Today it is the most important thing in the world because our old approach to Leadership has failed.

My Mission is to introduce a totally new consciousness around Leadership and help develop the qualities that characterise great Leaders able to create stronger and more courageous and intelligent human-centred futures.

The difference I offer is authenticity based on extensive Leadership experience. That experience includes remote and dangerous expedition Leadership, where life and death hung in the balance; corporate consulting where careers and lives changed; and academic research in a field that is completely unique.

My approach to Leadership development is necessarily radical, challenging, and iconoclastic, and possibly not for the feint-hearted.

My clients are typically C-Suite executives and entrepreneurs who have run into problems as their careers, businesses and personal growth encountered unexpected challenges.

They often reveal that as life’s priorities change, the very strengths that gave them success are no longer working. Standing in a senior position can make the challenge of change very lonely to undertake without a trusted advisor.

When you don’t know why the world has changed, or where to go next and how to get there, you’re faced with challenges that can deeply impact you psychologically. Maybe you didn’t see change coming. Maybe you're called to be too far up the ladder. Or, the ladder is about to disappear.

The problem is simple: everything that confronts us is unexpected. So developing our inner strength, wisdom and character in order to embrace uncertainty translates into great Leadership.