“Leadership cannot be taught in a classroom, it can only be learned in the crucible of life.” - Drew Hanson, Forbes.

Our world faces the greatest challenges to survival since the start of the last Ice Age, nearly three million years ago.

Our old approaches to Leadership were designed by academics at business schools to meet the needs of business. Unsurprisingly, they have failed, and business and political Leaders worldwide have never been held in such low repute. Our futures, as individuals, communities, and as a species, now depend on developing a radical new approach to Leadership that equips us to face the unexpected, where business and politics is increasingly governed by climate crisis.   

Over the last 20 years my clients have typically been C-Suite executives and entrepreneurs who have faced problems as their careers, businesses and personal growth encountered unexpected challenges. Now the world itself faces the existential challenge of survival, engaging us all at every level.

My approach to Leadership development draws on three key inputs; firstly, extensive field Leadership experience, including remote and dangerous expeditions where life and death decisions had to be made; secondly, corporate consulting where careers and lives have often dramatically changed; and thirdly, ongoing Doctoral research which is helping develop the exciting new field of Postformal Leadership.

This totally new Postformal approach to Leadership is based on higher adult development qualities that have been discovered by Harvard research psychologists working in this field for over 40 years. These qualities help identify Leaders who are able to create stronger, courageous and intelligent human-centred futures for all, because Leadership is never about the Leader.

What Life throws at us is almost always a surprise. So developing our inner strength, wisdom and character in order to embrace uncertainty translates into the potential for great Leadership. And that’s what my practice aims to deliver.