The World Needs A Totally New Leadership

Coronavirus came from nowhere, yet many experts predicted it. Its impact is currently overwhelming the global economy, and yet this too was accurately forecast. So, we knew.

And we also know that Coronavirus will not be the last pandemic. It was the product of widespread destruction of the earth's natural habitats and with more destruction will come more pandemics.

It is now clearly evident that when the direct impact of Coronavirus finally subsides, our world will have irrevocably changed: structurally, economically, culturally and psychologically.

The countries suffering the most are those led by authoritarians and populists. Their King Canute-like response to the outbreak was first, weeks of denial, then ongoing magical thinking, fuelled initially by hubris and then by fear. 

The link between arrogant authoritarian leadership and totally avoidable widespread death is clear. And it is teaching us that the old style of leadership eventually destroys everything it touches.

Tomorrow's generations need a totally new kind of leadership to help them navigate the completely altered world they will inherit. That leadership development must start now. And it can, right here.

Big personal change is always preceded by a personal crisis. Often, it comes dressed as an Absence of Meaning, or no personal Higher Purpose. Welcome this crisis with open arms. It brings a new freedom.

Postformal Leadership was designed specifically to meet the challenge of great uncertainty, confusing complexity, and shoals that disrupt navigation. As your personal Leadership Mentor, I'm there as you explore a new voyage of greater meaning, expanded wisdom and Higher Purpose.

- Earle de Blonville