“Earle is one of the very few true leadership thought-leaders in the Asia Pacific region. His approach and philosophy on leadership in the corporate world is nothing short of avant-garde. A highly regarded and inspirational executive coach, business mentor, trainer and facilitator, he provides clients with a new vision.”
- Kylie Hammond, Chairman, Director Institute

Bespoke Leadership Programs

Leadership is dangerous. It often calls unexpectedly, challenging parts of us that we scarcely know.

Recorded corporate failures, starting with the collapse of the Medici Bank in 1494, have destroyed trillions of dollars in assets. They were not failures of ideas, but failures of the integrity, ethics and morals of those people in charge. Leadership success in any sphere pivots on the integrity of a single individual.

In this regard, there has never been a time when the weight of leadership was not heavy.

We now face a world of rapidly increasing complexity and uncertainty. Expert futurists believe the post-Corona world will be much more human-centred. Culturally, business will have to change what it does and how it does it.

And that goes to the heart of leadership: it's not what we're doing, but who we are being, that shapes our legacy.

Those now at the top - senior professionals and entrepreneurs – may face unaccustomed personal challenges that demand significant values realignment and deep self-reflection.

If you are one of the enlightened and courageous ones seeking your own place in the future, and are ready for the challenge of inner change, then I can probably help.

Together we can create a bespoke leadership development program, tailored individually for you. It may include philosophical enquiry, reading set texts, with discussion, attending music and the arts, physical skills acquisition, community service and expedition experience. The journey is holistic, integral, pedagogical and inspirational, and its purpose is to manifest your greater potential as a leader for radically changed futures.

Bespoke programs run for at least three months, but more normally six months, with contact occurring weekly, in person or virtually. Some clients have often extended this to nine months, and followed on with a retainer for themselves and selected members of their senior management team.

You will find that my approach to developing your leadership understanding and capability for a highly uncertain new world is totally unique. You will also find that it works amazingly well, and is incredibly enjoyable. I have coached a wide range of senior professionals and entrepreneurs in Australia, across sectors including finance, mining, pharma, consulting, travel, postal and government, and have profoundly changed many lives in unexpected ways.

If you would like to explore your needs in more detail, please email me to set up a free initial Zoom or phone consultation using he contact form provided.

Service available in all English speaking regions.
I am available for seminars and keynote presentations.
Contact me with your ideas and let's explore possibilities.

"You can't learn to swim without being in the water. The same with leadership. Forget dry academic theories. Leadership is immersive and emotional. You lead with your heart."