About Earle de Blonville

About Earle de Blonville
"Earle de Blonville is a great, but unsung, Australian hero, courageous, strong, confident, and with outstanding leadership qualifications."
- Professor The Hon. Barry Jones, AC FAA. Australian Minister for Science 1983-90

Arctic explorer. Acclaimed author
Founder of Postformal Leadership System
- a revolutionary new approach to leadership

Bespoke Leadership Consultant
Exclusively for Entrepreneurs & Senior Professionals

My leadership consultancy draws on wisdom gained in the hardest possible way - expeditions in the wilderness where I have been close to death many times and made every leadership mistake possible. Insight gained in the crucible of life is regarded as probably the only way to understand Leadership.

As a practitioner, working only with senior professionals and entrepreneurs, I draw a hard line to stand apart from the consumer 'Leadership Industry' which almost universally conflates Management with Leadership. This 'industry' is run largely by those without field leadership experience, offering endless novelty theories which are not personally tested in the field, and certainly not under any duress.

Two things: First, I am not a conventional Coach. The corporate world has appropriated 'Coaching' as a Prozac to mollify and disempower middle management suffering overwork, under-value and lives without meaning. Second, I don't believe in goals - that's for football. Life is not a game, endlessly repeated, but a continuum of surprise and growth. A voyage of discovery that needs a skipper at the helm and a navigator nearby.

My book 'Savage Coast - the inside story of Australia's first Arctic expedition' provides a brutally honest view of leadership in action, with a range of examples of multi-layered challenges in times of great uncertainty and complexity. It reveals how every leadership challenge is both unexpected and unique in almost every way, or episodic and granular, affecting people in very different ways, and it serves as a leadership primer for the challenges facing the world in today's pandemic.

The new field of Postformal Leadership emerged from my PhD research in 2013, and draws on 40 years of work by Harvard research psychologists focussed on higher adult development. My practice draws on 40 years of personal experience, including field leadership (Arctic, Himalaya, Kimberley), major event leadership (Tall Ships, Great Mountain Race), corporate consulting and senior executive leadership coaching.

'Savage Coast':
Internationally released, one-hour television documentary film.
Screened on Discovery, CBC, BBC, ABC, plus Europe, South America, Israel, South Africa.
View trailer: 'Savage Coast' - https://vimeo.com/232723180.

'Savage Coast: Inside Australia’s first Arctic expedition'
Valuable insights into extreme leadership challenges
Buy: https://www.amazon.com/-/e/B01KQ6PMIW

Fellow, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Spain
Adjunct Professional Fellow, SCU, NSW, Australia
Fellow, Royal Geographical Society, UK

Queen Elisabeth II Silver Jubilee Trust Award
Olegas Truchanas Expedition Canoeing Award

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